Photos of 2009 Class of 1969 Reunion

August 29, 2009, Harrisburg, Pa.

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Using the caption numbers, Please help us identify you in these photos!!

PLease help me out with this one. I aksed and forgot this classmate's name, No. 160


Robert Lehman and I (Glenn "Lotus" White) go back to Walnut Street and Lincoln Elementary, here with "K Man" Dave. (I screwed up a lot of photos Dave, but recall that Tom Whitney shot this one;).


Please let me know who the classmate is on the right and left. The woman in the middle graduated the year before us, but I don't remember her name. I think that's Vikki on the right.


Another one before a start with some homework, Mrs. and Charles Mock, Dennis Pettis and ever mellow Thomas Whitney.


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