Photos of 2009 Class of 1969 Reunion

August 29, 2009, Harrisburg, Pa.

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Jim Dunmoyer attended the AM school tour and kindly sent photos. Here is Tom whitney and Johnny Jones with coach Chaump


Here is the early bird crew gathered around Minerva. Tanx Jim..

Caption 0131

Lavera Ewings and husband,Willie with Mrs. Lynn Loomis. Mike is there in the background.(right) with Larry Estricher (left)


Cathy (Keister) and husband Steve always take a great photo for me. I got the focus off on several shots this year. My bad, but you still look great. Tanx.

Caption 0148

Here is Dawn Moore (Tom's wife), Mr. and Mrs. John Waters, Deb and Mike Osborn, Robert Lehman and Debbie Hall Palmer .

Caption 0137

Here is Marilyn Lawson with Ozzie Lewism John Waters, looking spry as always and his wife. This reunion was the the best I have been to.

Caption 0167

Tom and Dawn Moore, together this time!

Caption 0139

Randolph Scott and his wife relaxing...


Jeanie Gui and Scott Switzer

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