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Photos of 2009 Class of 1969 Reunion

August 29, 2009, Harrisburg, Pa.

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Sally Fortney, with Leona Wolford-Hatalla and husband Don, and Larry Shire (Larry, (I'm going to fix the 04 caption next Larry)

Caption 0161

Photos like this made my day: Dennis Pettis, Billy Grey Thomas Whitney, LaDelle Ingram and James Sanders. I caught a bit of Marsha Williams and her sister Cheryl too, at right.>

Caption 0172

The class of 1969 was "in da house..., blessed, happy to have this time to fellowship..., it was awesome. Here is (I think) Cindy Fahnestock-Koser and Roland Harrison with Linda Houseal


Here's a gem, Marj Brunner with Wendy Herb and John Rudy (speaking with Rita Girondi's husband Larry).(Thanks for the vintage video Marj, I'm working on coverting it and getting it on the 69pioneer.org website!!)

Caption 0176

If your waiting for Pam to come to a reunion with the blues, you may have to wait a while!. I got a little bit of Charles Johnson, presenting and interesting profile..., with Cheryl Williamson, someone I haven't yet identified, Marilyn Britton and Pam Brown. God is good all the time.

Caption 0155

The now retired and always mellow James Donmoyer with my brother from another mother, Mike Loomis

Caption 0177

Chilling over the year book before dinner, James Sanders and Paul Dehart with wifes Valerie and Catherine

Caption 0157

Another photo that captures the mood at this year's reunion; Cindy Ross Crimmel and Cathy Keister Wentzel huddled over Dennis Ward and his wife, Cindy, Dianne Leonard and Carole Rose.

Caption 0149

This one's funny: Stephen looks good still, but older, while Howard carey looks younger than in 1969! That's the back of James Sander's head, and there's a slice of Jackson Au on the right.

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