Photos of 2014 Class of 1969 Reunion

August 23, 2014, Harrisburg, Pa.

    My Nikon was on the Disabled List this year, so I'm at the mercy of others to get Photos of our 45th Reunion. So send pics and check back soon. In the meantime, this is a photo someone was gracious enough to take of Donna Jackson, Howdy McKamey, Roland Harrison, Shiela Grren, me, Glenn White and Karin Pierce. I superimposed Guy Brown's photo since, with the exception of Karin who had the good sense to focus on her studies, the rest of us fantacized about fame and careers in the Arts at Guy's house after school!

      Da gurlz under Minerva

      Caption 024a


        Jim Donmoyer with Greg and Peggy Touloumes

        Caption 052

          Darlene (Scales) Alton and Cheryl (Jones) Brown

          Caption 070a

            Larry Witmer and John Kundrat (background Tom and Ms. Moore)

            Caption 060

              Zulene Newkirk

              Caption 082

                Victoria Crab and Howord McKamey

                Caption 081a

                  Cindy Ward and Dennis Ward

                  Caption 054

                    Connette (Barber) Rodgers, Pearl (Morris) Penn

                    Caption 053a

                      Joe Bruno, Ginger (Lowe) Antonuk and

                      Caption 073