Photos of 2004 Class of 1969 Reunion

November 26, 2004, Harrisburg, Pa.

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Jeff and Boswell, Mrs. Acri, Cindy (Fahnestock) Koser, Ron Acri, Linda Houseal

Caption 075

and Doreen Harvey

Caption 069

Connette (Barber) Rodgers and

Caption 066

???, Larry Estricher and Linda (Daniels)Sershon

Caption 071

and Pam Brown

Caption 065

Glenn and Thedra White

Caption 064

Dennis Ward, Avis (Moody) Lester, John, Renee (Diggs) Hudson, Toni (Perry) Chandler

Caption 055a

Jack Au, Jane (Spare '70) Bradley and Rev. Bradley Brown

Caption 072a

Mrs. Touloumes with Deb and Mike Osborn

Caption 085a

Cathy (Keister) Wetzel, Steve Wetzel, Scott Sweitzer, Carole (Rose) Nikoloff, FName Shanaman

Caption 059

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