Photos of 2004 Class of 1969 Reunion

November 26, 2004, Harrisburg, Pa.

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Pep Rally Anyone!?

Caption 026

Da gurlz under Minerva

Caption 024a


Jim Donmoyer with Greg and Peggy Touloumes

Caption 052

Darlene (Scales) Alton and Cheryl (Jones) Brown

Caption 070a

Larry Witmer and John Kundrat (background Tom and Ms. Moore)

Caption 060

Zulene Newkirk

Caption 082

Victoria Crab and Howord McKamey

Caption 081a

Cindy Ward and Dennis Ward

Caption 054

Connette (Barber) Rodgers, Pearl (Morris) Penn

Caption 053a

Joe Bruno, Ginger (Lowe) Antonuk and

Caption 073
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